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Our Business

The Arser Wood company was established with the intention of creating beautiful and lasting furniture produced in harmony with nature. The material we use to make our furniture is plywood, the optimal panel component. Until recently, the mass production requirements drove it out of business for economic reasons and its application was limited mainly to the industry. Now, the situation has changed thoroughly. Thanks to huge technological advancement and great care in the production process, plywood is considered an exclusive product and its decorative quality is highly valued. Worth noting is the characteristic linear edge which becomes part of the modern interior – it enhances its discreet elegance or highlights the postindustrial character of the loft-type space. Preserved wood-like texture is also suitable for Scandinavian style interior. Spatial designs with the use of plywood lend unique character to the area.

We will take up any challenge related to plywood, from extensive architectural projects (exhibitions, offices, commercial objects and public facilities) through serial production, finishing with customized orders (kitchens, bathrooms, single furniture items).


We hope that you will like our ideas. We will be happy to share our experience. 

While thinking of plywood you must know that it is:

Ecological – it is made of wood from sustainable management forests

Lasting – the quality of bent and glued laminations exceeds the one in solid hardwood

Beautiful – the external layer is a specially selected veneer which guarantees unique beauty and natural look

Trendy – after years of oblivion, architects and interior designers gladly return to plywood in their projects