Stairs in the lobby – "Double tree" hotel by Hilton Łódź

2013 Łódź, Poland

The central part of the ‘Double Tree’ hotel by Hilton in Łódź are stairs suspended in the air, inspired by the famous winding stairs in the former Feature Films Studio.

As part of the project, Arser Wood Polska performed development of the staircase in the hotel lobby which consisted of a non-standard balustrade made with the use of yacht technology and special varnishes. Making the balustrade by hand and giving it an appropriate shape helped to achieve incomparable effect – a unique sculpture. The work comprised also putting stone facing on the stairs, performing the hand-rail and installation of lighting on the stairs.

The interior of the study was designed by the Warsaw Kuryłowicz & Associates studio. Michał Piasecki is the author of space modeling for the balustrade.