Al Rayyan TV Studio

2013 Doha, Qatar

As the general contractor for carpentry and furniture projects, the Arser Wood Polska undertook the production and assembly of design elements in the Al Rayyan TV Studio in Doha (Qatar). The project concerned the equipment for the National Television Sabah Rabah/Mashairouna/Tarahib Studio in Qatar.

The scope of the works included the performance and assembly, according to supplied project, of the following items:

  • the PCV patterned floor, glued to a plywood structure
  • openwork wall structures, patterns cut on the CNC machine tool
  • upholstered furniture (armchairs, sofas)
  • furniture (cupboards, tables, benches)
  • roller-blinds with screens for showing films (translight)
  • steel truss suspended from the ceiling

The design was made by the Warsaw architectural WWAA studio.