Decorative plywood

A range of products called "decorative plywood" has been developed for all those who love wood with a modern look – carpenters, architects, designers.

We offer for sale decorative plywood by Finnish manufacturers which is considered to be the best in the world. It is suitable for mass production of furniture as well as customized built-in projects and wall cladding, etc. This type of plywood has all the qualities that we value in this material and which are associated with the Scandinavian design: beauty, durability, originality, functionality. If you value those features as much as we do, you have found the ideal option.

For your convenience, the plywood on offer was divided into two groups: varnished plywood with a melamine layer and laminated plywood.

Sklejki lakierowane z powłoką melaminową

The plywood is bonded with water-resistant glue, the surface is varnished with water paint and then covered with transparent melamine. The treatments help fully exhibit the wood`s texture and colour, while the surface is smooth, semi-polished, perfectly protected against damp and easy to clean.

All the colours from RAL palette are available on individual request.

Sklejki z laminatem

The plywood is produced with water-resistant glue and the surface is coated with various protective films. Available standard versions: CPL laminates – semi-polished, available in white and black, ABS layer – white, high gloss; melamine film - white, smooth, matt; modified phenolic film – anti-slip surface, grey or brown.