Exhibition in the Polish Pavilion EXPO 2010

2010 Shanghai, China

The design of the interior and the exhibition in the Polish Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai was first intended to be a continuation of the same architectural conception that shaped the form and details of the main building and it was to be an extension of the aesthetic qualities to the interior.
The central part of the exhibition is the ‘inner wall’ whose geometrical shape brings to mind associations with a crumpled sheet of paper. It marks out the direction of visiting the exhibition, it separates various zones and it also provides the background for multimedia presentations. The wall is characterized by changing geometry and various height ranging from 2.5-7m. The side walls of similar geometry along with the ‘inner wall’ form a kind of walkway /tunnel. The material used for construction of the walls was the Finnish birch plywood.

The exhibition was prepared by the Warsaw WWAA designers and Boris Kudlička.

Arser Wood Polska participated in realization of the project as subcontractor for the Koskisen OY company. The Finnish producer of plywood supplied the material which was used in the construction of the walls and supervised the performance and assembly works. The plywood was processed on the CNC machine tool so as to achieve the pattern according to the project.