"Chopin's visiting card" exhibition at the Krasiński Palace

2010 Warsaw, Poland

"Chopin's Visiting Card" is the exhibition which presents greatest in the world collection of Fryderyk Chopin's original manuscripts which belong to the National Library. 

The goal of the design made by the WWAA studio and Boris Kudlička was to take the visitors to a different reality, to the composer`s abstract world.

Arser Wood Polska was the chief contractor for the project. The scope of the work covered realization, delivery and installation of the exhibition equipment.

Advanced technology slim strips of bent plywood reminiscent of both the making of a musical instrument and composing music itself were the central part of the exhibition. The background for the installation was a uniform dark floor made of plywood shaped like curving walls with printed texts and display cases in which the exhibits were placed. Roomy sitting space in the same dark colour and the shape similar to that of the display cases serve as the spot where you can immerse yourself in music which is playing from your headphones.

Electronic version of the exhibition can be found on the website: www.wizytowkachopina.pl.