Private office

2012 Zurich, Switzerland

The office space was transformed both around the objects and under the impact of the items which were supposed to be there, such as a desk, sculpture and wall painting.

As the chief contractor for the carpentry and furniture work, the Arser Wood Polska performed non-standard wall structures in which openings were cut, creating distinctive, unique pattern. By alternating the depth and cutting angle, ornamental effect was achieved. The depth of the cutter is minimal when the surface becomes the direct background for the object, however, with the growing distance, the depth of the cutter increases. The wall structures prepared in this way create the background for the items located in the study.

As much as 50 Mm of birch plywood was used for the production. Base material for making the plywood was carefully selected so as to ensure top quality of the veneer, homogeneous colour and defect-free surface in visible cross sections.

Additionally, as part of the project, office furniture was made for two other office rooms as well as for the built-in kitchen and bathroom, using the birch veneer.

The interior of the study was designed by the Warsaw WWAA studio.